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  • A goal for you: Listen to the voice you try to ignore
    triathlon goal

    Henszey - April 22, 2014

    Remember how good it feels to achieve a goal? Even if it's just to sit down with a cup of tea and a book with no interruptions? Cuz that's a GREAT goal!

    We each have desires and wishes for both large and small activities that help us feel fulfilled. I have a desire for good health that I attend to through a specific activity: the sport of triathlon. Many of you already know that in 2001 I set a 20-year goal to complete 100 sprint triathlons. 

    But whatever. Most of you have no interest in big physical goals. That's because you're normal!

    So what are some goals for normal people? Given that you are each different ... whatever you uniquely desire or wish for in your own life ... that's a normal goal!

    A Pivotal Question

    Fortunately, it all hinges on one single, pivotal question:

    Are you listening to that voice telling you what you really want? 

    Most of the time we silence that voice. So let's get it to speak up loud enough that we can hear it! Start with this:

    "I want more/less _____________ in my life."

    If you said time or money, then try this:


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I'm amazed at how much I've changed my view about possibility in just a few weeks. Your tools really work! And the community of women made it all seem easy.

Sara Tyler, Nashville, TN

Julie has great compassion and a caring way that allows her to reach women. She helps each person see the good in herself and realize her true potential even if the person can't yet see it.

Laura Smail, Evanston, IL

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