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  • 3 Strategies to Stop Living With Problems

    Henszey - August 19, 2014

    Most of my coaching clients come to me to remove roadblocks that stand in their way. It's easy to learn to live with problems when we can't see clear solutions. It's called adapting and is a positive coping skill. AND it also means that we don't get to move forward towards our goal.

    With the downturn in jobs from the recession, most folks who have a job are willing to put up with a lot of stress and problems at work because it's "the new norm" in hard-hit companies. Unfortunately, playing Lucy on the chocolate factory line will only work for so long (sitcom: I Love Lucy). 

    Did you ever wonder what Lucy could have done to fix her problem standing over the accelerating conveyor belt? She obviously felt she had no control to address her situation, she likely wasn't onboarded with belt speed training, and her boss likely didn't recognize there was even a problem. Even if she wanted to find solutions, she simply couldn't refocus her attention because she was too busy dealing with the fallout of a bad system. Sound familiar?

    One of the keys to success is this: We need to accurately evaluate the sources of a problem and then determine the control we have over fixing it. 

    We typically have more control than we think. The reasons we fail to see this are:

    1. We get caught up in the moment

    2. We make assumptions

    3. We don't think creatively

    Here are 3 strategies to address those issues and avoid getting stuck behind seemingly immovable roadblocks.


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