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  • Bring Your Goals into Focus

    Henszey - April 15, 2014

    What will your life look like when you reach a long-desired goal? Better yet, how will you feel? Imagine yourself, standing there, goal complete, surrounded by an uplifting environment, people who respect you, and the type of work, play, or relationships that are inherently fulfilling. Do you feel safe, happy, capable, energized?

    We often lose sight of goals. But you can bring your deeply-held goals back into focus.  

    We ALL lose sight of goals. It's just part of life, as other urgencies get in the way and push our own desires and priorities to the back burner.  

    You really, truly, certainly can achieve goals, both big and small. I used to be in a marriage that wasn't right, with a job I was bored at, and in a different house. Then I divorced, eventually bought a different house (I had bought out my husband's half of the house), jumped ship at work to start an entirely different career, and got remarried after ten years. It didn't happen because I WANTED change. It happened because I took the steps that the change required. Over a number of years. Tiny, daily, consistent steps.

    The keys to actively pursuing a goal, and keeping the wheels in motion, are not rocket science. Try them out for a week and see what happens. You may LOVE the results.

    1. Make your goal-related tasks urgent. 

    Steven Covey is credited with this concept. Take out a piece of paper and divide it into four boxes with a pen. Now write these, clockwise, starting from the top left: high urgency, low priority; high urgency, high priority; low urgency, high priority; and low urgency, low priority. Then go to my blog from February 18 and check how to proceed ("Want to Find More Time: Reorganize").  You'll find that "Lose 30 pounds" or "Visit Mom more often" can easily end up in the "low urgency, high priority" box, where activity rarely happens. Instead, we spend our time in the upper left box, the "high urgency, low priority" box, pouring our mental and physical energy into tasks that other people think are important.  


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I'm amazed at how much I've changed my view about possibility in just a few weeks. Your tools really work! And the community of women made it all seem easy.

Sara Tyler, Nashville, TN

Julie has great compassion and a caring way that allows her to reach women. She helps each person see the good in herself and realize her true potential even if the person can't yet see it.

Laura Smail, Evanston, IL

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