Your session was one of the best of the conference, and I hope you received lots of rave reviews. It was one of the most original presentations I have seen in some time. I have already started to use your framework in my personal life.

– Catherine Girard, Goodwill Industries of Southeast Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

What a great pleasure to attend your session last week at the women’s conference and thanks for summarizing the seven strategies. I enjoyed being part of your class so much that I didn’t take good notes… The seven steps are so straight forward that it’s just a matter of being aware and making them a habit. I will certainly make good use of them.

– Christina Exner, Harley-Davidson, Milwaukee, WI


Julie’s FLOURISHING AND SUCCESS: OWN IT! Workshop based on positive psychology reinforced our company culture. It focused on utilizing the strengths of each team member, developing a growth mindset, building greater resilience, self-monitoring through the process of change, and learning four other valuable strategies. She kept everyone involved all day as she varied the forms of participation. They loved how she engaged them in personal goals and introduced them to tools for achieving the goals. I liked how she then transitioned those concepts and tools to corporate goals.

The team voted her the most productive of our recent workshop leaders.

– Lynne Robinson, Reliable Water Services, West Allis, WI

The class was highly inspirational and provided actionable techniques for accomplishing what is most important to me. I would suggest taking the class if you are not achieving your full potential or seem to be stalled.

– Bonnie Reid, Wood Dale, IL

Before working with Julie and the other classmates, I knew I had the ability to become the person that I wanted to be, but was having a hard time achieving it.

– Angela Miller, Franklin, WI


Thanks for all your coaching over the past few months! You have been such a source of strength for me. I feel like I have my life back thanks to you.

– Cindy Wessling, Bellvue, NE

Your go-to-it-iveness (aka: goal-setting) consistently reminds me of all that is possible in life. From planning a trip to Machu Picchu with your kids to climbing mountains and completing triathlons, you are an inspiration to me, as I’m sure to many other women.

In conversations with you, I always find great logic and honesty that is so refreshing. I have incorporated many pieces of your wisdom into my life. “Make life more convenient” (there’s a laundry basket in the kitchen now to catch the days dirty clothes). “Give the kids baths only if they smell.” (I regularly perform “smell checks.”) Thanks for all your support in big and small ways.

– Linda Tinkler, Wakefield, MA

With Julie’s coaching I have burst out of my staleness into a vibrant reawakening of self. In just a few appointments, long dormant passions and aspirations have gained a foothold and are coming to fruition. Julie’s coaching is life changing.

– Christine Lange, Wauwatosa, WI

Dear Julie,
I just wanted to thank you for all your help in “coaching” me. I find you to be insightful, intelligent and caring. I also admire your own physical accomplishments and perseverance in achieving your own lofty goals. I only wish that I lived closer to you, so that I could meet you and discuss life while having a cup of coffee together.

– Thomas Leonard, Dix Hills, NY

I was reluctant to engage a life coach. When I finally took the leap I was blessed to find Julie Henszey. Julie has been the perfect life coach for me at this point in my life. She told me early on that she would not give me the answers to solve my current roadblocks. She believed I already had the answers inside of me.

She was right! Julie continually gives me a space to discuss aloud the blocks I believe are keeping me from moving on in my life. Discussing those perceived blocks in a safe space has allowed me to enter into a better, more open relationship with my adult children. I’m also feeling passionate again about completing my MA thesis. Best of all, I find myself taking time to consider that my knee-jerk responses to life may be erroneous.

Many thanks to Julie for her cheerleading, her open ears and her open heart. I so appreciate having her in my corner!

– Sandi Smith, Greendale, WI

I meant it yesterday when I thanked you for all you have done for me in just a few short sessions. Talking is something I do just too much of; listening on the other hand is sometimes something I do not do enough of. However, starting with the first time we spoke, I began to listen. The questions you asked were dead on for me: describe a time when you felt strong, confident, and able to conquer anything and think how you might use the same skills and approach now.

Helping someone is about listening to them and being skilled enough to cut through the noise and get to the heart of what someone is really saying. You were able to do that for me. I feel like weights have been lifted from my shoulders.

– Kim Breitbach, Muskego, WI