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Organizations look for training partners who can appreciate the current challenges and pressures of its workforce. Julie’s natural style is to listen, ask questions, and understand the pain points. She then crafts a powerful workshop or training program that peels back the complex layers of a problem to explore limiting beliefs, remove obstacles, and create opportunities.

Individuals from all walks of life have attended Julie’s engaging workshops and programs, walking away with practical, easy-to-implement strategies and tools for job satisfaction, personal fulfillment, and authentic success.

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Sample of Programs

Below is a sampling of programs Julie currently delivers to various organizations.

Influence Without Authority

Limited power can stop us from achieving goals, collaborating, and getting what we need for our unit or organization. Fortunately, we all possess more power than we realize. Accessing that power equates to learning how to influence others based on their needs, as well as our own. Three strategies can make the difference between mediocre performance and out-of -the ballpark success.

Flourishing at Work and in Life

According to research, 70% of American workers are disengaged, resulting in low productivity, burnout, turnover, and increased health costs. Strategies are now available to address engagement so that workers can move from languishing to flourishing. These strategies are products of twenty years of research that explain how to hit the reset button in our lives to renew our energy, motivation, and sense of purpose. The tools are the building blocks for higher performance and bringing our workforce back from the brink of disengagement and disenchantment.

Negativity and Satisfaction

The moment we become conscious each morning, our brain jumps into caveman mode. Our brains are hard-wired for negativity, making it easy to avoid threatening lions but hard to navigate at work and feel a sense of job satisfaction. We can rewire our mental processes to find greater satisfaction.

Mental Fortitude

Work is “hard work” and at times we don’t know which way is up. Navigating challenging situations becomes easier when we develop seven abilities that build and sustain mental fortitude. This new resilience will pay dividends both today and long down the road.

Productivity, Goals, and Mindset

Productivity suffers when we approach our jobs with a fixed mindset. It limits our belief in our abilities, creating an impermeable wall. Shifting to a growth mindset removes that barrier, allows us to set attainable goals, and enhances our value to our team and organization.

Highly Functional Relationships

Relationships can be energizing or exhausting, either facilitating or hindering success. We can develop highly functional relationships by understanding the dynamics of trust, learning the tools of give and take, and creating healthy boundaries.


After a day-long program in Iowa for engineers with the country’s largest manufacturer of ice cream, participants responded to the survey question “What did you like most?” with these comments.

  • Julie is an engaging instructor.
  • Julie’s energy, wisdom, ability to direct attention.
  • Well-defined and simple to use tools that can be applied.
  • The knowledge of instructor and class interaction. 
  • Real life situation discussed.
  • Julie kept everyone involved.
  • Examples from daily life.

Praise from HR conference goers, taken from survey results (Wisconsin Dells, Fall 2015)

  • This was one of my favorite sessions at the conference. Julie is a great speaker.
  • My favorite presentation of the whole conference!
  • This was one of the most powerful and life-changing talks I have ever attended.
  • Loved this speaker. She did a great job and it was much more impactful that I could have ever imagined it would be!!
  • Julie was a great speaker and got the involvement of the audience.

Praise from named individuals who contacted Julie following a program

  • What a great pleasure to attend your lecture last week at the women’s conference and thanks for summarizing your seven strategies. I enjoyed being part of your class so much that I didn’t take good notes. – Christina Exner, Harley-Davidson
  • Your session was one of the best of the conference, and I hope you received lots of rave reviews. It was one of the most original presentations I have seen in some time. – Catherine Girard, Goodwill Industries of Southeast Wisconsin

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