Executive Coaching

Navigate Rough Terrain Confidently

Are you navigating a difficult landscape? Have a multitude of obstacles been placed in your path, hindering your ability to achieve business objectives for your organization?

Julie has a deep apprecation for the obstacles that stand in the way of getting a job done. Even more so, she is keenly aware of the stress that arises when we feel cornered.

That’s where executive coaching comes in. It can help you look at your situation with more clarity and examine where exactly you are stuck. Then you can gain support in exploring options to navigate difficult terrain and regain a sense of control, meaning, and high performance levels.

Phone-Based    Outside of an initial in person meeting, most coaching takes place over the phone, so you can collaborate regardless of the city where you reside, weather conditions, or your day-to-day schedule.

Co-active    You’ll move forward quickly within a co-active partnership. While consultants will give you an answer, Julie will help you find your own answers.

Supportive    In each appointment, Julie will create clarity around choices, focus on strategies to address your challenges, communicate directly and honestly, manage progress and ensure accountability, and offer encouragement and support

Worry-Free    You are invited to receive a no-strings-attached, 40-minute initial phone-based or in person consultation–your choice! You’ll want to explore whether Julie is a good fit for your style and approach. In person consultations take place at a coffee shop conveniently located to you.

Phone: 414.305.3113       Email: CoachJulie@nextstepgoals.com