Career Coaching

Design A Fulfilling Path Forward

Do you know where you’re headed? If you’re stuck in a career rut and feeling unfulfilled, it’s time to explore new territory and build a launch pad to start the journey.

Julie knows the ropes of pivoting in new directions first-hand. She has chosen to strike out into new territory several times, both literally and figuratively. She understands all too well that our psychological need for safety can interfere with pursuing and realizing long-held desires and goals. She will support you on a journey that is both promising and safe.

Julie’s solo travel to Tanzania to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and goal to complete 100 triathlons in twenty years clearly demonstrate the ability to design a compelling future and take flight from a powerful launch pad.

Don’t let fear or magnified concerns stop you from life-enhancing growth. You can get out there and do this!

Phone-Based    Outside of an initial in person meeting, most coaching takes place over the phone, so you can collaborate regardless of the city where you reside, weather conditions, or your day-to-day schedule.

Co-active    You’ll move forward quickly within a co-active partnership. While consultants will give you an answer, Julie will help you find your own answers.

Supportive    In each appointment, Julie will create clarity around choices, focus on strategies to address your challenges, communicate directly and honestly, manage progress and ensure accountability, and offer encouragement and support

Worry-Free    You are invited to receive a no-strings-attached, 40-minute initial phone-based or in person consultation–your choice! You’ll want to explore whether Julie is a good fit for your style and approach. In person consultations take place at a coffee shop conveniently located to you.

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