About Julie

Julie is the kind of person who travels to Tanzania by herself to climb Africa’s tallest mountain and who has a goal of completing 100 triathlons in twenty years.

She believes that we all have the ability and time to take action on our most cherished goals, needs, and wishes – no matter where we’re starting from. She leads by example and shares, “We have the power to make dramatic improvements in each area of our lives. Once we see that ability within ourselves, we can transform ourselves through big goals and small steps each day.”

Julie’s passion for empowering others and her ability to engage an audience make her a dynamic speaker and workshop leader. Her stories create learning moments and she presents powerful strategies and tools that can launch individuals further down their desired path.

Triathlon and Mentoring

Julie is an avid sprint triathlete and is on target to complete 100 races over a twenty-year period.

To help women from all walks of life achieve their fitness goals, Danskin hired Julie in 2009 to coordinate their triathlon mentor program. Leading up to the Chicago-area triathlon, 300 women gained skills, knowledge, and confidence to complete their first triathlon. Julie was at the finish line to congratulate each woman.

Iceland, Mops, and Hitchhiking

Julie’s sense of adventure has taken her to every continent except Antarctica. She has completed a winter survival program in Norway, studied as a Fulbright Scholar in Iceland, mopped floors at a maternity hospital in Australia, ridden horses in Mongolia, summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, and scaled a volcano in South America. A ten-year marriage began with a honeymoon that involved hitchhiking 5400 miles to Alaska and back. Check out a complete list of Julie’s adventures.

Julie currently spends her time coaching, running, biking, and collecting camping gear. Her two college-age children pleasantly ignore her suggestions for personal development.